Financial Advisory

At UPSITE Consulting, we offer advisory services to any conventional and Islamic financial institutions to achieve their financial objectives. Our team is specialized in Islamic finance products and services and ensures Shari’ah compliance according to the global Shari’ah standards. We only collaborate with experts who have cutting edge knowledge of the principles of Shari’ah and are recognized for their skills and their career in this fast-growing banking and finance sector.

Our objectives are two-fold, to help new players to enter the Islamic finance market and to those who are already operating in this sector and wish to further develop.

UPSITE proficiency in Islamic finance

  • Consult our clients in the development of Islamic finance products and create value-add by ensuring Shari’ah compliance, following latest Shari’ah Standards issued by The Accounting and Auditing Organization of Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI).
  • Advice on Shari’ah Standards and Training services
Identify applicability of latest AAOIFI standards
Assist in developing appropriate training programs for targeted groups
Assist in delivering Islamic banking training courses and materials
  • Provide expertise and skills in product structuring and development, e.g. Islamic securities such as:
Mudarabah Sukuk backed by investments (financed through Mudarabah mode of financing)
Ijarah Sukuk
Istisnaa Sukuk
  • Provide support in setting up of
Islamic commercial/investment bank
Islamic window operations (for conventional banks)
Islamic capital market department
  • Develop Islamic insurance Services
Assist in the establishment of Islamic Insurance operations.
Develop policies such as for, car, medical, etc.
  • Provide insight about international investment opportunities in various assets classes by ensuring Shari’ah compliance. Our proprietary Shari’ah screening methodology has the capacity to screen public listed equities of all major stock exchanges ensures strict Shari’ah compliance that is consistent with your values.

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