Risk Transformation

If you want to identify and seize opportunities, you must manage your risks

A distinctive feature of any successful business strategy is that it takes advantage of opportunities and assumes both, systematic and idiosyncratic risks only if they are acceptable in economic and social terms. The controlling of risks, so-called “risk management”, is one of the core tasks of a business. This is of utmost importance not only in the context of the organization’s sustainable development but is also one of the key requirements placed on the organization and its management by their shareholders, creditors, employees and other stakeholders.

Organizations can benefit from professional risk control in different ways (not limited to):

1. Integrated risk management produces substantial synergy effects, which in turn allows for cost reduction.
2. An organization with an efficient risk management system in place can obtain easier credit financing.
3. An efficient risk management system allows the organization to comply with statutory requirements, which are being constantly tightened in the area of risk provisioning.

Historically, organizations have focused on risks that can be managed through the implementation of controls. Careless handling of risks in an organization can quickly endanger their existence. Therefore, continuous risk analysis and evaluation are essential for securing the organization’s success. Today, in order to remain competitive and successful, it is inevitable that organizations have to widen their focus on the risk landscape and consider a holistic approach for risk transformation.

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We are following the principles and methodology presented in the ISO 31000 standard.

Risk Function Optimization

We support your risk management optimization efforts by evaluating the extent of risk coverage by various risk management functions. Alignment of risk management roles at all organization levels and risk appetite with stakeholder expectations.

GRC Technology Enablement

Looking for support in utilizing risk and opportunities in a digitally disrupted world? We are ready breaking down traditional silos and leveraging synergies across GRC to look at them in an integrated and a smarter way.

Advanced Risk Analytics

Supporting you with advanced analytics embedded into a solution with ‘what-if’/predictive simulation capabilities that provide sharp insights on process deviations (e.g. SixSigma), operational inefficiencies and financial leakages.

Regulatory Compliance

Establishing solid risk governance and monitoring framework ensures continues compliance. Your ongoing risk monitoring efforts can be enhanced with automation utilizing the state-of-the-art technologies (e.g. robotics-enabled platform).

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